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Optimism for Furniture and Crafts Industry in Indonesia amidst Global Economic Challenges


Optimism for Furniture and Crafts Industry in Indonesia amidst Global Economic Challenges

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Indonesia International Furniture Expo 2024


February 21, 2024 – Indonesia’s economic growth will continue to grow at 5.0 percent in 2024 according to the IMF, and the World Bank predicts it will grow at a lower rate of 4.9 percent. This is due to a number of variables, including presidential and parliamentary elections, which raise political and economic concerns, as well as rising global food and energy costs, which produce inflation and a decline in people’s purchasing power. This issue needs to be encouraged by the government to support exports in labor-intensive industries such as furniture and crafts.

The Indonesian Furniture and Crafts Industry Association, or known as HIMKI and Dyandra Promosindo remains optimistic that the furniture and crafts industry will continue to grow in 2024. This growth is expected to be mostly driven by transactions during Indonesia International Furniture Expo (IFEX) 2024 exhibition on February 29 until March 3 2024 at JIExpo Kemayoran, Jakarta.


As the Indonesian government enters a transitional period, HIMKI remains optimistic that the government will continue to support the furniture and crafts business. The General Chair of HIMKI, Abdul Sobur, stated this in a written statement. “2024 is a year of government transition, and of course there are many things we hope for in the new government setting at this time, such as support for the furniture and crafts industry so that it continues to grow and compete on the global stage,” said Abdul Sobur.

Until today (20/2) Australia, China, India, the United States, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, the Netherlands and the Philippines are the most registered countries for IFEX. “HIMKI expects more than 115 countries to attend IFEX 2024. Including countries in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East are currently emerging markets that will be target buyers at the exhibition,” added Abdul Sobur.

A Different Experience at IFEX 2024

IFEX 2024 will occupy the entire hall at JIExpo Kemayoran with the addition of the Gambir Expo area as a new IFEX exhibition area. The IFEX 2024 space was expanded due to participant enthusiasm, reaching a total area of 65 thousand m². This year, IFEX will also be filled by more than 500 exhibitors from local and overseas.

“The expansion of this exhibition is surely because of the enthusiasm of furniture and craft industry figures in Indonesia, so every year we try to expand the exhibition area,” Daswar Marpaung, President Director of Dyandra Promosindo, stated that IFEX 2024 aims to attract 13,000 visitors over four days of exhibitions.

This year, IFEX will display various best items and unique products from Indonesia. This unique characteristic that describes Indonesian culture will enhance the IFEX exhibition. The exhibition will feature 1.000 products made of various materials such as wood, rattan, bamboo, leather, textiles, arts & crafts, and pottery throughout four days.

This exhibition not only displays a wide range of products, but it also includes a number of programmes similar to previous years, such as seminars and buyers & exhibitors nights to reconnect with the participants and buyers who eagerly visit IFEX 2024. Aside from that, IFEX provides a variety of support services for buyers, including prayer rooms, medical rooms, a free shuttle bus, a café, and many more. IFEX also includes an International Buyers Lounge, where buyers can network with the exhibitors.

Visitors can register for free at till February 28, 2024. If you register between February 29 and March 2, 2024, you will be charged IDR 165,000, and on March 3, 2024, you will be charged IDR 100,000. Buyers can see a preview of the products that will be shown at

For more information and to register for the Indonesia International Furniture Expo 2024, visit or follow Instagram @ifex_id.

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